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Say What?

Everyone understands the value of making a strong first impression.

Choosing the right clothing – the packaging of your body – helps establish a commanding physical presence.

And how you speak – the right words presented in the right manner – is how you showcase your mind.

This is where we can make the key difference.

AmeriLang specializes in accent reduction resulting in a capacity for better relationships, improved confidence, and maximum opportunities.

“Amerilang helped me overcome my introversion and finally gain the courage to go into standup comedy.”

– Anton Chigur



You do NOT need to be this tall for this ride!

It’s easy for kids, adults, novices and even professional musicians who never really learned music theory.

We promise nothing!

That is, zero music reading, zero ‘old school’ methods like the circle of fifths, and zero memorization! (Well close to zero memorization.)

You will get major results with minor effort!

(Yep, pun. Thank you. Taking a bow. Waited all day to drop that in here.)

Apply to Preview T.H.E. Music Course

(And no, we’re not going to sell, rent, post or send your emails … not even to Zuckerberg, Kathy Griffin, Rosanne, or the Trump reelection committee.)


I've tried learning theory before and the problem is basically:

Would you prefer a video presentation style where you: